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Along with conducting on-site seminars for businesses, government agencies, and professional associations, Steve Schultz runs sessions on different writing topics at a number of public forums and conferences.

Upcoming Conferences

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Tuesday, March 3
McCormick Place
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Technical Writing at Work
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A Short List of Previous Public Speaking Forums

See Clients for the companies that have sponsored their own on-site writing seminars.


Sponsor & Occasion

Co-moderator; provided the introduction "Science and Language" for the Webinar: Fully Integrated Combustion Ion Chromatography for better, faster results

Metrohm USA, Inc. in association with Laboratory Equipment

Engineering Successful Proposals

American Society of Civil Engineers

Illinois Chapters

- Transportation and Development Institute

- Urban Planning & Development Group

A/E/C industry THRIVE Conference PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Technical Writing at Work

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy:

Pittcon® 2009 - 2018

Managing Project Communications

American Water Works Association
Florida Section Region IV

The Peaks and Pitfalls of Email

Illinois Society of Professional Engineers

Annual Bootcamp

Writing for Engineers

Iowa Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Annual Conference

Customer Friendly Writing

Florida Women in Government

Annual Conference

Writing for Leaders

St. Petersburg College

Administrative Support Group’s Leadership Program

Writing at Work: Technical Writing Applications

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Transportation Conference

Writing for Success

Florida Association of Business Tax Officials

Annual State Conference.

Managing to Lead: Leadership, Learning, and Language

College of Technology and Management,

St. Petersburg College, Florida


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